Blog Tour- My Headteacher is an Evil Genius



We’re so excited to take part in our very first blog tour for this hilarious book My Headteacher is an evil Genius by Jack Noel. Read on for Lily’s thoughts on the book and scroll to the bottom for a wonderful surprise.


My Headteacher is an Evil Genius is a funny, mind-boggling adventure story from Jack Noel, the humour and heart brings it all together.

Young Tom, or Thomasina, is a shy girl who is commonly called ‘Braces’ because of her mouth full of braces. One day she has to go to the dreaded dentist to get some new ones, but little does she know that she can now listen in to evil plots and plans. Just with the clench of her teeth, and those special braces, of course.

Her school was never really that exciting (other than H.A.M.M.Y. Potter, their beloved class hamster) but when she gets a new headteacher, Mrs Fortune, things are about to get thrilling and drama-filled!

Her new fabulous, glamorous, and actually evil headteacher makes a grand entrance into Tom’s school. She wants to make major changes to the school, and none of them are actually nice.

She changes the PE room, but doesn’t let children in.

She changes the library to a place with zero books, I mean what type of library has no books?!

And guess what, she even made a whole points system to determine who can sit on benches and who can’t!

But she actually is an EVIL GENIUS!!!

Can Tom and her new found friends save Hammy, not get shredded by a smoothie maker, stop Mrs Fortune’s evil plans, and expose her to the world? And will they do it in time?

A hilarious adventure, bound to please fun-loving readers.

Review by Lily age 9.

As you can see Hammy gets up to lots of antics. Here he is browsing our bookshelves!



A note from Mum – While this book isn’t typically what you’d think of when you consider diverse reads, my children were so excited to read it that we couldn’t say no to the book tour. I was pleasantly surprised to see a wide range of diverse characters in the book and I feel like it was a great reflection of society and most schools today.