Coyote’s Soundbite: A Poem For our Planet


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We’re excited to be a part of the blog tour for COYOTE’S SOUNDBITE: A POEM FOR OUR PLANET written by John Agard and illustrated by Piet Grobler. When Lantana Publishing contacted us to take part we had to say yes! Lily has been learning about conservation and the environment at school and is so passionate about taking care of our world, she couldn’t wait to read this book.

Written as an Earth Day poem, Coyote’s Soundbite is sure to inspire important conversations with your children about the state of the world and what we can do to play our part in saving it.

Read on for the official synopsis and Lily’s review. She’s also put together a list of five actions you can take to help save the planet.


Illustration by Piet Grobler courtesy of Lantana Publishing

Illustration by Piet Grobler courtesy of Lantana Publishing


Excitement spreads like bushfire through the jungle. Earth-goddesses are planning a conference! From Australia to Antarctica, the Amazon to Africa, goddesses will debate the burning environmental issues of our times…and bushy-tailed, smooth-talking Coyote wants in on the action! Can this infamous trickster come up with a plan to infiltrate the conference and leave a lasting legacy for our planet? A rip-roaring poem by a master poet, inspired by Earth Day.

Illustration by Piet Grobler courtesy of Lantana Publishing

Illustration by Piet Grobler courtesy of Lantana Publishing


COYOTE’S SOUNDBITE: A POEM FOR OUR PLANET is an amazing book in regards to solving climate change and putting an end to all the nasty stuff humans are doing to the environment and the nature of this glorious planet. John Agard and Piet Grobler must have worked really hard together to create this masterpiece that spreads awareness in a beautiful, child-friendly way.

The artwork really brought this to another level and I like the way that this book displays the world from the animal’s perspective and shows that what we do affects nature and wildlife. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone who would like to read it. It’s perfect for all ages but aimed at children and I think that it’s great for everyone.

By Lily, age 10

Illustration by Piet Grobler courtesy of Lantana Publishing

Illustration by Piet Grobler courtesy of Lantana Publishing

5 actions you can take to help save our planet

  1. Conserve water, turn it off when your not using it! By reducing the amount of energy used while pumping water, you are reducing our carbon emissions. Carbon emissions contribute to greenhouse gasses which leads to climate change.

  2. Make recycling a habit, but make sure what you’re recycling is suitable to be recycled. Recycling gets rid of the need for new raw materials to make new things. For example, recycling one tonne of paper saves around nineteen trees from being cut down. The protection of trees helps the water cycle and promotes the ridding of carbon dioxide, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and aiding the stop of climate change.

  3. Generate green energy by installing renewable energy in your home, for your heating, warm water and electricity. This saves carbon and can also feed back into the world renewing the energy. Solar panels, generating clean electricity, have reduced in price by a lot over the recent few years, which helps make this solution easier for more households.

  4. Walk where you can or use green travel options. This helps to decrease pollution. Walking to local shops or taking public transport can reduce your carbon footprint significantly. If you really want your actions to have an impact you could consider looking into getting an electric car to help reduce emissions. Electric cars combined with the usage of solar panels is a great investment and would really help.

  5. Speak up and get involved. We are the first generation to know what we are doing to the earth and if we don’t do something we could be the last that have the opportunity. Speaking up is an action full of power especially if it is to the people you know can do something. Talk to your parents and suggest small changes that you can make as a family. If everyone made small alterations to their lives, we could make a big positive impact on the planet.

If drastic action isn’t taken to protect this beautiful planet we have been given, we could be leading to mass extinction.

COYOTE’S SOUNDBITE: A Poem for Our Planet is now available in all good bookshops! Or, buy your copy from Lantana’s online shop and donate a book to children who need books the most with your purchase: