May book releases on our radar

There are so many exciting books coming out this month and here are a few we’re most excited about!

Picture books

Big by Vashti Harrison

We’re huge fans of Vashti in our house, and BIG is the first picture book to be written and illustrated by the children’s illustrator known for the Little Leaders books. BIG is about a little girl who has a big laugh and big dreams but as she grows, the world begins to make her feel small. In a world where the society tells women and girls to tone it down, not be too much and stay small, BIG is a much needed tonic to help
little girls see they are perfect just as they are.

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Fly Boy by JJ Bola and Clara Anganuzzi

Fly boy is struggling. Things are overwhelming and he wishes he could just fly away to escape all his pain. A beautiful book touching on children’s mental health.

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Chapter books

Rida & Madiya by Niyla Farook. Illustrated by Umair Najeeb Khan

Half sisters, Rida and Madiya both share the same mum, but that’s all they have in common. When they find out the local library is in trouble, they both clash as they compete to try and raise the most money. A sweet story about putting differences aside to work together for a common goal.

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My Name is Sunshine Simpson by G. M. Linton

Bad luck seems to follow Sunshine Simpson everywhere! Her new friend is becoming a frenemy, she has a haircut mishap and her school showcase is causing her stress. Not to mention her Grandad is aging fast. Join Sunshine as she tries to find her voice, learns to accept herself and shows the world she can shine.

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Middle Grade

The Thief of Farrowfell by Ravena Guron. Illustrated by Alessia Trunfio

Jude is desperate to prove her worth to her family of magic-stealing masterminds so she decides to steal valuable magic from the fanciest house in town. Unfortunately, the magic was protected by a curse which threatens to destroy her family’s business. Will she be able to untangle the mess she’s made?

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Cameron Battle and the Escape Trials by Jamar J. Perry

The 2nd book in the middle grade series dubbed Percy Jackson meets Black Panther and it’s just as good as the first. Follow Cameron’s adventures as he encounters more gods and godnesses, tries to find out what happened to his father and tries to save his mother trapped in Chidani.

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Friendship Never Ends by Alexandra Sheppard

Friendship Never Ends is another fantastic book from Alexandra Sheppard. We loved Oh My Gods and were excited to read her next book based on a group of friends Sunita, Gifty, Dawn and May – over one summer as they balance growing up and growing apart.

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How Far We’ve Come by Joyce Efia Harmer

Obah is enslaved on a plantation in Barbados and dreaming of freedom. She’s transported into the future by Jacob, the relative of her slave owner who’s from the twenty-first century. I’m looking forward to reading this book as the premise is so interesting and I’ve heard such good things.

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My Life As A Chameleon by Diana Anyakwo

I’ve heard this book is exceptional which has me so excited to read it! It’s coming of age story set in Manchester and Nigeria. From the publishers blurb, “My Life as a Chameleon is a powerful story of resilience and belonging, about family secrets and how they can destroy even the deepest bonds. It is a story about finding your place in the world and realising you deserve to be there.”

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