SuperJoe Does NOT Do Cuddles – Book Tour

We’re thrilled to be taking part in the SuperJoe Does NOT Do Cuddles book tour. It’s such a fun book and we were also lucky to be able to ask a couple of questions to the author and illustrator so read on to find out what we just HAD to know and their replies!

SuperJoe Does NOT Do Cuddles is written by Michael Catchpool and illustrated by Emma Proctor. Published by Lantana Publishing who kindly sent us a copy to review.


SuperJoe is a little Black boy full of life and joy! He’s a busy superhero who spends his days saving people from hungry tigers and runaway trains but his mum is always trying to cramp his style by making him do things he thinks superheroes don’t do, like wearing a scarf so he doesn’t catch a cold or giving him cuddles before he goes off to save the world. Everyone knows superheroes don’t do cuddles, right? While SuperJoe gives in to most of his mum’s demands, there is one he won’t accept and that’s getting a snuggle from his mum. Until one day after another busy day of superheroing, he struggles to get to sleep. His mum offers up a few different solutions but SuperJoe knows exactly what he wants and needs; a cuddle!

We loved how the mum didn’t push him for a cuddle when he didn’t want one. It allows him to have ownership over his body and learn that it is ok to say no, even to his mum! When he needed a cuddle he was happy to ask for one even if he was worried about what other people would think.

The vibrant illustrations really added to the story, and there were lots of little details we loved like the bubbles in SuperJoe’s hair in the bath and all the superhero touches throughout the book.

SuperJoe is a sweet story, full of adventure and escapades but at the heart of the story is the relationship between a boy and his mum.

We recommend this book for children who love superhero stories and fun illustrations full of action and excitement.

SuperJoe does not do cuddles picture book review.jpg

Q + A

We had a few questions for Michael the author and Emma the illustrator as we were intrigued about how the story idea came about and what was the most fun part to illustrate!

Michael Catchpool: What inspired you to write this book?

It wasn’t a person who inspired the story (even though I borrowed my nephew Joe’s name), it was a question. That question was ‘What if?’. With the SuperJoe story I thought, ‘What if a superhero, who does lots of amazing things, like rescuing people and sorting out problems, was actually worried about something like a cuddle?’ It’s not what you’d expect from a superhero so it might be fun to explore that idea a bit. And that was how the story started.

Emma Proctor: What was your favourite scene to illustrate?

The jungle scene with the Tiger was my favourite page. I wanted the jungle to have a sense of depth, layering and texture. I hadn’t planned some of the jungle leaves to be bright pink but when I adjusted the hues the magenta really stood out. That’s the freedom of illustration…there are no rules, leaves can be pink, tigers can eat snacks and wear scarves…the crazier the better!

SuperJoe Does NOT Do Cuddles is now available in all good bookshops! OR, buy your copy from Lantana’s online shop and donate a book to children who need books the most with your purchase:

Thank you once again to Lantana Publishing for our copy of the book. Please do check out tomorrow’s stop on the tour @tata_storytime on Instagram.