Blog Tour- Zombierella

Zombierella blog tour review


Today we are taking part in the blog tour for Zombierella!

With the kids back at school and autumn finally on it’s way, we’re looking forward to cold wintery nights and lots of spooky reads.

ZOMBIERELLA by Joseph Coelho and illustrated Freya Hartas is out today and the perfect book to get us excited for Halloween 👻🕸🕷

Read on for Lily’s review 👇🏾

“Just from the front cover I knew this was going to be a fabulous story to read and enjoy. This book contains so much delicious diverseness I lapped it up in one sitting with a feverish need to read more. The pictures are amazing and really add something special to the story.

Poor Cinderella’s fake sisters make her life quite a misery and her evil fake mother makes her life torture.

One day a new prince comes along into the town and hosts three balls. When the day came for the first ball to begin the three fake sisters wanted to make sure the unlucky Cinderella didn’t get a chance to go. They snotted up 🤢 the curtains and coated the sinks in a thick layer of toothpaste, they also spared the time to add a nasty little surprise on the stairs waiting to startle Cinderella.

Unfortunately she did in fact find it. She slipped, tripped, fell, landed and died.

But she did not stay dead for long! Oh no she did not.

Say hello to … ZOMBIERELLA!! 🧟‍♀️

I love this tale and the gloriously gruesome gore and the ravishingly revolting rhymes!

It’s perfect poetry for those who like a creepy tale of ZOMBIES…

Halloween here we come! 🎃🎃🎃”

Review by Lily age 10.

Thank you to Walker Books for sending us a copy of the book and the spooky goodies. The kids have found it hilarious to hide fake spiders in my bed for me to find in the middle of the night 😬😂🕷🕷🕷🕷

Lily was so inspired by the book and the illustrations she created the following artwork:


Zombierella art by Lily S inspired by Freya Hartas.png