Jaz Santos vs. The World: Blog Tour



Happy Saturday! We’re so excited to have been invited to take part in the blog tour for Jaz Santos vs. The World written by Priscilla Mante, cover illustration by Camilla Sucre. Jaz Santos vs. The World is the first title in a brand new middle grade series ‘The Dream Team’.

Jaz Santos vs. The World is a relatable, inclusive story about families, unlikely friendships and girl power. Think Bend it Like Beckham for fans of Jacqueline Wilson!

Lily devoured this book immediately and couldn’t wait to take it to school and show her friends. She has been so inspired by the character Jaz, that since reading the book she has started a football team with her friends at school and insisted her older brother teach her some football tricks!


Olá! I’m Jasmina Santos-Campbell (but you can call me Jaz). You’ve probably heard of me and my football team the Bramrock Stars before. No? Well, you will soon because we’re almost famous!

Forming the Stars was my genius idea – you see I need to prove to Mãe (that’s my mum!) that I’m a football star so she’ll want to come back home.

The idea was the easy part, though. Now I’ve got a team of seven very different girls and we need to work together, to be taken seriously as footballers.

We are the DREAM TEAM and we’re going to show the world that girls CAN play football!


Jaz Santos Vs. The World was an inspiring, empowering book about girls chasing their dreams regardless of all the naysayers in the world.

Jaz Santos is a loving character who is going through a lot: trouble at home; trouble at school; trouble pretty much everywhere she goes. The only place that she can be herself is out on the football pitch. The only problem with that is that everybody at school thinks that football is only for boys.

Despite everyone’s criticism, she creates her own football team that is inclusive and welcoming to everyone. What could go wrong? Follow her as she finds a proper coach, almost loses the privilege to have her own team, enters an extreme football tournament and hopefully takes the gold! A motivating book by Priscilla Mante, a great story to read.

By Lily, age 10.

When we noticed Jaz was wearing her hair exactly how Lily does, we couldn’t resist recreating the cover with Lily as Jaz!

When we noticed Jaz was wearing her hair exactly how Lily does, we couldn’t resist recreating the cover with Lily as Jaz!

Jaz Santos vs The World Book review.jpg


Puffin Books have kindly given us a copy of the book for a giveaway! All you need to do is follow us on our instagram account and tag a friend by June 30th and you will be entered into a draw to win!

This giveaway is not affiliated with instagram and the winner will be picked at random. You must be over 18 to enter and reside in the UK.


Thank you to Puffin Books for sending us an ARC of the book and inviting us to be on the blog tour!

Jaz Santos vs. The World is out now!