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From comedian, actor, rapper and screenwriter Ben Bailey Smith comes a blazingly funny, big-hearted story about family, friendship and how far one boy will go to get a laugh. Perfect for fans of David Baddiel and Frank Cottrell-Boyce.

For thirteen-year-old Carmichael Taylor, life is one big joke – in a good way. He just can’t understand why no one else seems to find everything as funny as he does.

When Car is filmed stumbling into performing a piece of hilarious stand-up at the school talent show – targeting his family, school and friends – the footage ends up creating international infamy. But with the promise of fame and fortune comes trouble, and it’s up to Car to decide what or who he’s willing to risk to chase his comedy dream.

Get ready to laugh at life with this heart-warming, unashamedly honest and hilarious look at family, friendship and what really matters.


Something I Said by Ben Bailey Smith (also known as Doc Brown) is a heart-warming and hilarious tale about friendship and family and everything in between.  This book is perfect for fans of comedy and people who need a good laugh. But hidden beyond the jokes, lies a vulnerable, deep story about the relationships you have with the people around you and what really matters.

Ben Bailey Smith has created a masterpiece that is winningly funny and realistically written about the young comedian Carmichel Taylor. This story teaches important life lessons such as how you should care for the people who care about you. With unexpected twists and turns and a humor-packed story this is an incredible adventure that I was unable to put down.  I love how the author made this story unbearably funny and I recommend this to children and adults who love a good laugh. This was a 10 out of 10 story, a definite must read.

By Lily, age 10

Something I Said is out June 10th 2021

Thank you Bloomsbury Children’s for sending us a copy of the book to review.