Julian at the Wedding


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“A wedding is a party for love”

Julian at the wedding is a picture book written and illustrated by Jessica Love. It’s a wonderful book for so many reasons, a celebration of love, friendship, acceptance and imagination with charming illustrations that add a vibrancy to the story. 

In this book, Julian and his friend Marisol are off to a family wedding with their grandparents. Both children are dressed impeccably, but will it last? We follow them at the wedding reception, having fun exploring the grounds. Their childhood joy is palpable and despite a little hiccup, they’re able to rejoin the rest of the family to celebrate the rest of the night away.

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As with Jessica Love’s first book, Julian is a Mermaid, the text is very minimal but like some of the best picture books, it’s the illustrations that truly tell the story. We spent some time looking at each page, pointing out little details in the drawings and the stunningly intricate textures which are truly remarkable. You spot something new each time you read it. From the delicate lace bridal gloves to the Statue of Liberty you can see faintly in the distance, every page feels like a work of art! I was happy to see that Jessica offers prints from the book on her website.

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Julian at the Wedding is out now.

Thank you Walker Books for providing us with a copy of this beautiful book. It truly is special.