President of the Whole Fifth Grade

PRESIDENT OF THE WHOLE FIFTH GRADE introduces us to Brianna Justice, a smart, hardworking girl with big goals to become a millionaire with her own baking show one day. The first step in her plan to super stardom is becoming school president, just like her idol did.

The journey to election day isn’t easy. Brianna deals with jealous friends, an unexpected rival and the temptation to cheat her way to victory.

My daughter loved this book because it featured a determined girl just like her and allowed her to consider what she would do when faced with similar challenges. Brianna also loves to bake and recipes are included in the book if you want to try them out.

“I liked that this book was a realistic story and that Brianna had a baking business because I like baking too. She even looks like me which made me happy. I give it a brilliant 10/10!” – Review by L aged 9